Mobiles handcrafted by Jane Moran Porter
Jane with mobiles
Jane with two of her pieces. Mobile A is on the left - Mobile B is on the right.

On the beaches of Little Cranberry Island, also known as Islesford, the ebb and flow of the tides constantly smoothes sharp edges of broken, discarded glass.

Nature's crashing of waves transforms this into beautiful shapes know as "sea glass."

Since 1975, Jane Moran Porter has spent many enjoyable hours tying strands of seaglass onto unusual driftwood pieces making her mobiles. These mobiles radiate their beauty best when hung inside, near a sunny window.

Jane's address at her studio on islesford is P. O. Box 112, Islesford, ME 04646
Cell: 207.460.0301

Mobile A

Mobile A is sky, setting sun, earth and water as seen thorugh sea glass. The driftwood is part of an antique lobster trap.
Mobile B

Mobile B is multi-colored sea glass on drift wood from Islesford beaches.