Thomas Lobster

Thomas Lobster

Greetings from Islesford,

I have been lobstering for 39 years, involved with the Cranberry Isles Fishermen's Co-op since its inception in 1978 and my family has been shipping lobsters and frozen scallops and crab meat around the US for the last 21 years.

Over the last few years I have realized that the time was approaching when I would want to step away from shipping lobsters. It is time for someone else to do the tugging and lifting involved in the shipping of lobsters. Also, both of our daughters are out of college and have completed their individual master's degrees.

Over the last 12 months co-op members, myself included, have been creating a new business plan to bring the co-op up to speed in the ever changing environment of seafood sales. One aspect of that business plan involves the co-op shipping live lobster and freshly cooked and picked lobster meat. We will be doing business as Little Cranberry Lobster.

To order live lobster and/or freshly cooked and picked lobster meat please go to or call 1-844-494-CLAW (2529). The lobsters you will receive from the co-op will be from the same waters I still lobster in. The lobsters you receive will be from the same sustainable fishery that Maine is famous for.

Thank you all, individually and collectively, for the level of support you have given our family over the last 21 years. Most of you we have not met personally, but through years of emails,social media and phone conversations we feel comfortable to include you in our circle of friends. If you have any questions in regards to this transition in the shipping of lobsters please contact me.

Thank you, David, Cindy, Rachel and Emily Thomas